Frequently Asked Questions

How do our colours differ from traditional ones?

The colour range we use in salon is focused on reducing environmental impacts as well as lowering the risk of reaction and the effect traditional colour has on our bodies.

It is free from harsh chemicals, including PPD and ammonia - instead using naturally derived ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources.

At HQ Organics we are conscious of our salons impact on the environment and our lives.  Our colour range is committed to protecting and helping the environment, our climate and our culture.  They use recyclable ocean waste in their packaging, contribute to social issues and source their ingredients from sustainable and cruelty free sources.  

Many people have experienced some form of irritation when using colours in the past.
From a slight itch to a serious allergic response, these reactions aren’t good. The colour
system we use lowers the chances of such reactions. However, we do recommend having a
patch test 48hours before your first visit to HQ Organics.  

Our products are all PPD, ammonia and cruelty-free and use natural based chemicals that are less

reactive for the body and amazing for the hair.

Should I wash my hair before my colour service?

We recommend washing your hair 24hours prior to your service (never on the day). Please make sure your hair is free of products and/or dirt as this could hinder the success of your treatment.

Do I need a blowdry?

No, you don’t need to have a blowdry with your service, however we strongly recommend
you do.

For haircuts, a blowdry allows us to see the shape of the haircut better and personalise it to
suit you.

For first time colours in salon we recommend a blowdry as it gives us the chance to see the
colour properly.

Can I bring reference photos to my appointment?

We love reference photos! Everyone is on Instagram, Pinterest and so many other social
platforms these days that allow them to find inspiration.

Please remember that these photos are for reference and usually cannot be recreated
perfectly as there are many factors that can change the outcome of colours/haircuts.

How long will I be in salon?

This depends on what service you are here for!

Haircuts take between 45mins-1h 30mins depending on the style of the cut/blow-dry.

For colours you will be in here for a minimum of 1h 30mins for a simple root touch up.

Foils/balayage/creative colour jobs will be minimum 3hours, however planning for longer is
always better just in case.

Some colours will require you to be in salon for longer, please allow for this extra time so
you and your stylist can are not rushed on the day!

Is there a parking?

We do not have any allocated parking space. However, being located in the centre of Mona
Vale means we have lots of parking in surrounding streets, as well as carparks located close

Should I have a consultation before my first appointment?

We recommend a consultation before your first appointment, especially if you are having a
big change.

We offer free consultations in salon with a stylist. Give us a call or email us to book one

Will you remind me of my appointment?

We send out reminder texts a few days before your appointment. Please confirm your
appointment by replying to your text or give us a call in salon to reschedule.

Why do I need to pay a deposit for some services?

Some of our services do require deposits to be made to confirm the spot. These are for big
services that you will be in salon for many hours.

The deposits made will be deducted from the final price of service at the end of your

Deposits will not be refunded for any change/cancellation of appointments within 48hours.

Can I book online?

Yes! We have an online booking system, through our website OR

When booking online please select each service you require. E.g If you are having your
colour done, you need to also select cut/blowdry to ensure the service has been booked.
Select your colour service first and cut/blowdry after.

Please let us know when you are booking online of any additional information about your
hair such as it is thick, extra-long, you have extensions, previous henna use, etc.


Are you a COVID safe salon?

We understand how difficult it is right now and that you may be worried about visiting us in salon for an appointment. Our team is working with the utmost care to yours and their own safety.

- We have team members who have completed their COVID-safe training.
- Sterilization of station happens in between each client and regularly throughout the day
- We have sanitiser available throughout your visit
- Our stylists have masks to wear during each appointment
- We have protective screens positioned between each station
- We will ask you to update any missing details for our system for contact tracing measures.

As per NSW government guidelines, we recommend wearing a mask to your appointment as
stylists cannot social distance from clients, however, it is not compulsory.